Welcome to BTL, E.P - BTL, E.P Bee Timor-Leste Empressa Publica (BTL, E.P.) is a public utility company recently established by the Government of Timor-Leste through a Decree Law no. 41/2020.
We are new, but enthusiastic in performing our tasks.
Our tasks are to promote greater efficiency and sustainability for the implementation of the Government's strategy in providing clean water and improved sanitation services to the public.


We are a public utility company’s which responsible for providing clean water and improved sanitation services to the benefit of all citizens throughout the country.

We are also responsible for raising financial resources for the sector.


Integrity: we lead by example, committed and honesty in executing our tasks.

Respect: we will support each other, and respects individual believes, ideas, knowledges and skills.

People matter: in performing our tasks, safety and security of our clients, consumers and of our staffs will be our top priority.

Courage: in performing our tasks we will embrace changing to improved our service level, and facing challenges and risks with smart approach and cares.

Trust: our clients and consumers trust in us would be an important asset for us in performing our tasks. Their trust is a sign of our positive performance.Thus, we will perform our tasks to the maximum of our ability, provide clear information, respond to the clients’ grievances on time, and deliver best service quality to gain their trust.


“BTL envision to be an excellent Water and Sanitation Public Enterprise.“


Our mission is;

to increase universal and equitable access to safe drinking water and sanitation services to all populations in all territories;

to maintain regular, continuous and efficient water supply and sanitation services;

to promote affordable water and sanitation services that contribute to economic development, social, environmental and technological advancement;

to improve public health;

and to promote industrial, commercial and research development.