Be’e Timor Leste, E.P here by given notice of its intent to award the following contract :

Nu Tender Number Description Name of Service Provider Contract Ammount ($) Total Combined Score Download
1 OCB/BTL,E.P/240015 Provision of Security Services for Office BTL,E.P and Reservoir Tank in 11 Municipality (12 Months) Gardamor Unipessoal, Lda $.164,400.00
2 - Cementing Work for Salty well in Maubara H2O Pump & Power $.5,105.10
3 OCB/BTL,E.PP/240007 Periodic Mantenance & Repair and Supply of Parts for Vehicles and Heavy Equipment for BTL,EP Auto Timor Leste,Lda $.123,807.29
4 - Fornesimentu Material ba Melhoramento Sistema Bee Mos - O&M Holiwono Unip.Lda $.5,000.00
5 RFQ/BTL,E.P/240008 Peeriodic Maintenance & Repair and Supply Part for Motorcyles of BTL,E.P Kolotapi Unip,Lda $.20,550.00
6 RFP/BTL,E.P/240011 Internet Services Provider for BTL,E.P Telkomnikasi Indonesia International(TL),S.A $.25,740.00
7 OCB/BTL,E.P/240002 Suplay and Delivery of Chemical for BTL,EP Nove de Gloria Unip,Lda $.161,600.00 424.91
8 RFQ/BTL,E.P/240005 Supply of ITC Equipment for BTL,EP Oesbo Unipessoal, Lda $.71,860.00
9 OCB/BTL,E.P/230006 Supply Laboratory Equipment for Water Quality Test Greenbox Unip. Lda $.158,866.00 441.80
10 RFQ/BTL,E.P/240010 Provision of Cleaning Service at Office of BTL in Dili and BTL Representative Office in Municipalities Nelces Unipessoal, Lda $.77,280.00